Why choose Open Space for your property extensions and conversions?

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Incorporated in 2004, we have a set of ethics that place you firmly at the top of our priorities. We never use sub contractors, we are not an agency and all of our qualified and highly skilled craftsmen have been with us since inception. Communication is at the heart of keeping people up to date with a job’s progress and we believe there is no such thing as a silly question. So queries, questions and after-thoughts are all things we welcome.

It’s our belief that your home is a sacred place that should provide you with peace, tranquillity and comfort - without compromise. Why should something ‘just do’ when, with a little more care and attention to detail, we can make it truly stunning.

Don’t forget to take a look at our gallery to see examples of how we’ve achieved this.

We’ll assist with planning

At the initial consultation we can plan a schedule that suits you and make suggestions which will expand on your objectives and enable your dreams to be realised.

If you’re not sure where to start, we work closely with talented architects, so can easily get the ball rolling with turning an idea into a tangible blueprint.

We’ll be forthcoming with advice on planning, and demystify some of the myths surrounding what you can and can’t do to your home.

Few people relish the thought of embarking on these kinds of projects, so it’s as important to us to give you ongoing peace-of-mind, as it is to get the job finished on time and budget.

Always conscious of adding value to your property

We mustn’t forget that one of the key reasons for choosing to extend a home is to add value. There is only one way this objective can be approached and that is by guaranteeing that all building materials are of the highest quality, utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and having the experience to install and fine-tune without cutting corners.

Guarantees, testimonials and Trade Associations

You need assurance that we can do what we say. That’s why we are full members of a number of Trade Associations and work closely with local authorities. All work is backed by a written guarantee and all certificates relating to the safety of gas and electricity are supplied by authorised agents.

Don’t hesitate to ask for client testimonials, all of our past customers are happy and have expressed their enthusiasm in providing references should they be required. We can even take you to their homes should you so wish.

Speedy and efficient completion

Wanting to have ‘the best’ does not mean having to endure long project schedules. Our project management really is second to none, mainly due to the fact we have such vast experience. There’s no need to expect your home to resemble a building site for many months. On the contrary, we keep things, clean, tidy and simplistic. Most loft conversions are completed within 4-6 weeks and extensions within 6-8 weeks.

Call 020 8876 8453 for a friendly informal chat or use the contact form.